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Blacking Topping of Rural Roads Scheme

Convergence under MGNREGS is a process that brings together existing schemes and resources to create the undertaking projects more durable. Rural connectivity is an important factor in rural development and is one of the key components which have been recognized as the effective poverty reduction programme in India. Rural connectivity is much more important in Meghalaya because of the unique terrain. Many villages have directly or indirectly benefited from this project as it connects village to village, village roads to state or main roads, village to market, etc., MGNREGA roads are kutcha roads and transportation through these roads is tedious and is often unusable during peak monsoon season. During rainy season, parts of the roads are eroded, making these roads difficult to traverse. The only solution to make these projects durable is to converge with other departments for providing blacktopping and metalling.

The Government of Meghalaya has taken the initiative to converge with the MGNREGA to construct durable roads in rural areas under the Scheme "Blacktopping of Rural Roads Scheme (BTRRS)". The State Government has earmarked Rs.19.50/- Crore in the year 2011-12 for blacktopping 2 kilometre (km) of rural roads constructed under MGNREGS per block at Rs.25.00/- Lakhs per Kilometre. An additional of Rs.39.00/- Crore was sanctioned. to the C&RD Department during 2012-13 for Blacktopping 4km per Block. The convergence programme under BTRRS started during the year 2012-13 and has proven to be the most essential step in improving rural connectivity and the economy as a whole. A total of 234 km of MGNREGS roads will have been blacktopped in the State by the end of the current financial year. This is regarded as the best practise worthy of evaluation across the country.

This Scheme is implemented by the Deputy Commissioners of the Districts through the Block Development Officers and/or such other agencies (eg. Public Works Department, etc) as may be decided and approved by the District Level Committee.

The State Rural Employment Society has called for estimates from all the districts and estimates have been received from all the districts. Funds have been released to all Districts, and different districts have completed the laying of black topping.