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Staffs Working

List of Staffs Working in State Rural Employment Society(SRES)

Sr. No. Name Designation Date of Joining in the SRES
1. Smti. Iaraphunlin Diengdoh Joint Mission Director 15th December 2017
2. Shri. Philip Kurbah Programme Manager i/c Finance 21st November 2014
3. Shri. Jeffrey Kharsyntiew Programme Manager i/c Training 11th February 2015
4. Shri. Ialumbok Pyngrope Assistant Engineer 20th March 2013
5. Shri. Hamkylla Suchiang Assistant Engineer 11th August 2017
6. Shri. Ratan Paul IT Manager 1st November 2011
7. Shri. Sanjay Dutta IT Manager 13th August 2014
8. Shri. Adrian W Thomas IT Manager 22nd May 2017
9. Smti. Lutfa Sunn IT Manager 29th May 2017
10. Shri. Eddieson Nongrang Programme Officer 22nd February 2012
11. Shri. Joshua Songthiang Programme Officer i/c Training 12th September 2014
12. Shri. Wadbor Sing L. Mawphlang Programme Officer i/c HR Establishment 1st July 2016
13. Shri. Kennyson Marpna Programme Officer 4th July 2016
14. Smti. K. Cisilia Susngi Programme Officer i/c Training 16th March 2018
15. Shri. Nangkyntiewbok Wahlang Programme Officer i/c IEC 1st February 2019
16. Shri. Marchalen Law Junior Engineer 17th December 2018
17. Shri. Kamailang Khonghat Research Fellow (CLIBP) 10th July 2018
18. Shri. Dilsrang C K Sangma Research Fellow (CLIBP) 5th June 2018
19. Smti. Chandni Thakur Accounts Assistant 6th April 2015
20. Shri. Trazy T D Phanwar Office Assistant 30th September 2011
21. Smti. Habahun S Niller Office Assistant 30th September 2011
22. Smti. Adorable S M Dkhar Caretaker 2nd August 2011
23. Shri. Grikseng R Marak Driver 1st November 2014
24. Shri. Mangrak Marak Multi Tasking Staff 3rd October 2016
25. Shri. Jyoti R Marak Multi Tasking Staff 12th June 2017