STATE RURAL EMPLOYMENT SOCIETY The Nodal Agency for Implementation of MGNREGA in Meghalaya Set up of State Rural Employment Society 1. The name of the Society shall be “STATE RURAL EMPLOYMENT COUNCIL/SOCIETY”, to be named hereafter as “society”.  2. The office of the Agency shall be located at the office of the State Coordinator of MGNREGA Programme at Shillong, Meghalaya.  3. Objectives of the society shall be: a. To carry out the management of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) as per provisions of  the MGNREG Act and implement MGNREG Scheme.  b. To improve delivery mechanism system of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in the state. c. To promote awareness of village institutions so established for purpose of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in  participating Government programmes and strengthen them for providing necessary guidance and support.  d. Build capacity of village institutions and empower them to take responsibilities for management of resources providing employment and  execution of works in MGNREGA.  e. To collect, collate, analyse and process information required for the policy decision as far as MGNREGS is concerned.  f. To support and collaborate with various institutions/organisations of the state/outside the state on matters relevant from the point of view of the  objectives of the society. g. To monitor the progress of the projects and programmes taken up from the resources provided to the society and conduct evaluations of these  programmes and projects according to the time frame and details considered appropriate.  h. To receive funds from the government, state and central, financial institutions towards promotion of the goals and objectives of the society  Governing Body of State Rural Employment Society    The Governing Body of the SRES is headed by the Chief Secretary with the Principal Secretary, C&RD department as its Member Secretary. Other  members include the Additional Chief Secretary i/c Planning, Principal Secretary of Finance, PID, Agriculture, Forest & Environment, PWD, SWC, Labour,  AGM of SBI (Shillong), PMG( Shillong), 2 NGO Representatives and Representative from the Government, Project Director of MRDS, Director SIRD, and  Director of Community and Rural Development. The SRES, initially envisaged as a fund channelling body has widened its scope of operations and became a  dedicated society to wholly managed the MGNREGS. Thanks to its presence, there is a greater grip over the implementation of the MGNREGS in the State.   The governing body of the society shall be the body constituted as such under the regulations of the Council/society.  First seven members of the Society shall be:-  1. Shri W.M.S. Pariat IAS, Chief Secretary, Meghalaya 2. Shri P.B.O. Wajri IAS, Addl. Chief Secretary i/c Soil & Water Conservation, Development Commissioner 3. Shri B.K.Dev Varma IAS, Addl. Chief Secretary i/c Finance 4. Shri K. S. Kropha IAS, Principal Secretary i/c PID, Home, etc. 5. Shri K.N.Kumar (IAS) , Principal Secretary i/c Community & Rural Development  6.  Shri. N. S. Samant IAS, Principal Secretary, i/c Labour, Social Welfare, etc. 7. Shri F. Kharlyngdoh,  IAS, Director, Community & Rural Development  8. Smti I.R. Sangma, MCS, Additional Mission Director, SRES. The income and property of the Council/Society shall be applied towards the promotion of the objectives thereafter as set forth in this Memorandum of  Association subject in respect of the expenditure of grants made by the Government of Meghalaya may, from time to time, impose. No portion of the income  and property of the Council/Society shall be paid or transferred directly by way of profits, dividends, bonus or otherwise howsoever by way of profits, to the  persons who may at any time be or have been members of the Council/Society or to any persons claiming through them, provided, that nothing herein  contained shall prevent payment in good faith of remuneration in return for any service rendered to the Council/Society.  If on the winding up or dissolution of the Council/Society there shall remain, after the satisfaction of its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the  same shall not be paid to or distributed among, the members of the Council/Society or any of them but shall be dealt with in such a manner as the Government  of India and the Government of Meghalaya may determine.  Best View Resolution: 1366 X 768 Helpline: 1800 345 0364 Email: megnregacell[at] Terms of Use