STATE RURAL EMPLOYMENT SOCIETY The Nodal Agency for Implementation of MGNREGA in Meghalaya In exercise of the powers conferred under Sub-section (1) Clause (c) of Section 21 of the MGNREGA, 2005, the Governor of Meghalaya has notified the Mahatma  Gandhi State Rural Employment Guarantee Fund Rules, Meghalaya, 2012. Funds from the SEGF are provided to the districts as a revolving fund, and are  managed by State Rural Employment Society (SRES). The purpose of setting up the SEGF for meeting emergent expense of the districts for the implementation of the Scheme and has been met on several occasions.  A corpus fund of 21 crore sanctioned by the Community and Rural Development out of the State Plan has been revolved 14 times between 2011-12 and 2012-13  to various Districts in urgent need of funds. A total amount of Rs.43.00 Crore has been released so far and recouped from time to time from the District as and  when the Central Funds are received by them.  Though the SEGF has been envisaged by the Government of India as a Central pool of funds for devolution to the districts, the State Government had on several  occasions noticed that there were subsequential delays in the release of funds to the districts from the MoRD. Difficulties that arise in the field due to slow or  inadequate release of funds needed to be addressed earnestly, especially since MGNREGS is a rights based scheme. To ward off any crises in the districts, the  State Government had on its own volition earmarked Rs.21.00 crore and placed it in the SEGF over and above its state Share. This is considered as best practice  because it has led to the fulfilment of the commitments made in the Act to the people for guaranteed payments within a specific time period, even when the flow of  funds from the MoRD was not smooth or timely.   Revolving Fund (State Employment Guarantee Fund) Release of Funds for the Financial Year 2011-12 Release of Funds for the Financial Year 2012-13 Best View Resolution: 1366 X 768 Helpline: 1800 345 0364 Email: megnregacell[at] Terms of Use